Ever been to a field day where everyone brought different computers and kept their own separate log? Ever wonder how many contacts you have made as of right now? Have you seen one person’s computer crashed and the whole event was erased? Ever have to ask each operator which band they are on? Ever wonder if the GOTA station is being worked? Ever have I ever had to ask if anyone was on my favorite band or mode? Ever wonder if the free VHF station is in use? Want to know if one of the stations in your class is sitting empty? Have you found too many operators at your site on the air at the moment? Ever wonder how many contacts you have logged for someone else? Ever wonder if the GOTA station worked this same contact? Has someone pointed out you were a DUPE? Have you wondered if the same contact worked your event on another band? Ever had trouble tracking official visitors or participants (licensed or unlicensed)? Have you wasted your time figuring out the logs after field day?

NOT ANY MORE – WELCOME TO FDLOG_ENHANCED! It’s free, open source and we would appreciate your ideas and help.

GitHub Site – https://github.com/scotthibbs/FDLog_Enhanced

A stable Field Day Log program for Amateur (Ham) Radio. Easy and simple to use. Some of the features are below:

Distributes the database to every computer via a wireless router.
Tracks licensed and unlicensed participants. (checks someone is the control operator)
Real time dupe check or previously worked.
Allows everyone to see who is operating which radio, mode, band etc.
Real time results (per qso type, of group and operator contact counts, by logger etc).
GOTA station use is so easy, and log data included (but not duped) in results.
Guards against incorrect entries.
Send messages to all users.
Easy results so web submission is easy.
Resources like band charts, w1aw schedule etc are included.
Checks against working participants in log entries and other little ideas like this.
Makes breakfast. (ok it doesn’t – but might one day)