SCICSG Field Day 2018

The south end exterior view of the The Jean Kaufmann Memorial Shelter, featuring a large stone fireplace. The shelter is surrounded by tall trees, and both open and shady grassy areas.
The Jean Kaufmann Memorial Shelter, high atop the eastern ridge of Camp Moneto, in beautiful Brown County, Indiana. The area around the shelter features tall trees, and plenty of open and shaded grassy areas.

The South Central Indiana Communications Support Group (SCICSG) will once again participate in Amateur Radio Field Day, on Saturday and Sunday, June 23 and 24, 2018.

This year’s event will take place at the Jean Kaufmann Memorial Shelter, high atop the eastern ridge of Camp Moneto, in beautiful Brown County, Indiana.

This is a new location for our group. The Kaufmann shelter is a spacious and secluded hilltop area approximately 220 feet higher in elevation than nearby State Road 46. It offers an abundance of tall mature trees, open and shaded areas, convenient parking, and a robust open shelter. Clean modern restroom facilities are located at the bottom of the hill, and will be available 24 hours a day.

A Special station will be set up for the Public, with the guidance of a licensed operator, to get hands-on experience and actually get on the air. For those wishing to earn their amateur radio license, or upgrade an existing license, SCICSG will also be offering free license testing throughout the event. Applicants should bring a valid government-issued ID and a copy of any existing amateur radio license.

Visitors are welcome at any time during the event, and you do not need to be a member of SCICSG to visit or operate.

Scroll down for Operator Information and Directions

Note: Like most of Southern Indiana, Brown County is a mature forested area known to contain ticks. The use of a tick repellent containing at least 40% Deet, is highly recommended. Proper care is your responsibility.

Operator Information

  • Member set-up will begin at 09:00 on Saturday. On-air operation will commence at 14:00, or 2:00PM (1800 UTC), and continue throughout the night, concluding at 14:00, or 2:00PM (1800 UTC) on Sunday.
  • Pre-registration is not required. However, since this is our first year at this location, a courtesy heads-up from licensed operators who are planning to attend and/or stay overnight, would be greatly appreciated for our planning purposes. Please contact Stan Maddox WE3ACR via email at
  • The intended use of the shelter is for radio operations first, and all other uses second. That said, there is a lot of room, and we should be able to accommodate most activities.
  • Operator and camping locations are generally on a first-come basis. SCICSG staff will oversee station locations, feed line routing, and antenna setups, and their determination is final.
  • The shelter area itself does not have power or water. However, both power and drinkable water are available in the restrooms at the bottom of the hill, along with clean private showers. The bathroom facilities are available to participants 24 hours a day. Use of the nearby pool is not included.
  • Bring your own provisions. At this time, SCICSG does not plan to formally provide any food or drink, so please bring your own food and water. Operators are welcome to bring their own pop-ups, chairs, grills, and coolers stocked with non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Campers: For those who plan to stay overnight, it is suggested that you set up your tents to the tree side south of the wood post in the photo above, immediately south and east of the shelter. This area stays in shade most of the day, and will help ensure that you are not awakened prematurely by the light and heat of the rising sun. This will also keep the area around the shelter free for easier routing of antenna feed lines.

Note: For licensed operators and overnight guests, the camp does request a fee of $4 per person per day, for use of their facilities.


Map of Camp Moneto and surrounding area.
[CLICK MAP TO ENLARGE] The turnoff North onto Camp Moneto Road is 0.7 miles East of Gnaw Bone, IN., or, 10 miles West of Interstate 65.
The entrance to Camp Moneto is located on State Road 46, 10 miles west of Interstate 65, or, 0.7 mile east of Gnaw Bone. Look for the large green Camp Moneto sign on the north side of the highway, and turn north onto Camp Moneto Road. Seven-tenths of a mile north of the highway, you will enter Camp Moneto itself. At the fork in the road, take the uphill road to the right, and start climbing. Our shelter area is at the end of this road on top of the ridge.

You may also use the following address to find Camp Moneto using Google Maps or your GPS mapping device:

551 Camp Moneto Rd, Nashville, IN 47448

For full details, please contact:

Stan Maddox WE3ACR
Phone: (812) 371-9962

Outdoor activities involve risk. Radio operations and their associated activities involve risk. Proper care is your responsibility.

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