Brown Co Repeater Update – February 11, 2017

On Friday evening, around 6:00pm, the 147.300 repeater stopped operating.
A team from SCICSG was onsite on Saturday afternoon and found that the power amp seemed to have failed. Rather than do a lot of troubleshooting and part swapping, the decision was made to swap out the GE Mastr II hardware for a new Yaesu DR1X.
At approximately 3:30pm, the new repeater was up and operational. Users will notice a few differences between the operation of the old repeater and the new one, including:

  • No voice identifier
  • An extremely short squelch tail
  • No courtesy beep

At least with our initial testing, the audio on the new repeater seems to be excellent.
It is currently transmitting at 50W. Additional enhancements are expected in the future, but this was our quickest solution for getting the repeater back on the air and available for use.

The 440 repeater continues to be out of service, while that system is rebuilt around another new Yaesu DR1X.
A few listeners may have heard the repeater back on the air for a short amount of time on Saturday as we tried to troubleshoot an issue with the system to determine if it could be fixed onsite or if it needed to be brought back to Columbus for further work. As the previous issue continued to show itself, the decision was made to bring it back to Columbus for rebuild. The repeater seems to be having a problem with transmitter/receiver isolation, causing the repeater to be useless for local conversations.
This repeater will be rebuilt and returned to service as soon as possible.

Further updates will be posted here on the SCICSG website.

Thank you to W9DBA, K9KER, K9MAF, KA9MZV, K9JAJ and KA9SWI for their help with today’s work!

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