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SCICSG Releases New Amateur Radio Population Maps for Indiana

Members of SCICSG have worked with data from US Census Bureau and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) data.
The maps include statewide maps showing:

  • Hams per capita for each county
  • Hams per square mile for each county

Also available are maps for each individual county, showing the distribution of licensed amateur radio operators within the county. SCICSG feels that this data could be valuable to amateur radio clubs and other organizations who are active within these counties and adjacent counties, when recruiting potential new amateur radio operators.

These maps are available at http://www.scicsg.org/Study/Ham-Maps/.

CARC Repeaters Change Tones

The Columbus Amateur Radio Club has changed the PL tones on both of their repeaters in order to match with the Indiana Repeater Council standard.
Info on the repeaters is as follows:

Frequency Offset PL Tone
146.790 103.5 Hz
443.075 + 103.5 Hz